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May 22,2013
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Answer 3

OK, again the blog post as well the website is all under Vistaprint, they have a lot of information on how to start whatever you might need and I have given my email address if you really needed to talk not placing your question on the site here. I really thank all of you for taking the time to give feedback on the site. And for the ones that do not understand what I am writing about is Adult Foster Care Homes that my husband and I own we again only deal with seniors only. I have really tried to work with the kids and preteens adults I am not for that field. I am going to stay in my lane. landershomeinc@gmail.com leave me your personal question's at this email address.

July 25, 2014

OK, I will try to answer most of the questions, first I really do not know how to blog I just started to write and it started from there, secondly I really do not have the time some days to write due to my little people require all of my time so I try and steal time when they are gone to their day program. I just wanted to help as much as possible to fine out if I was the only one that was having stressful days in this business?? But you know I made the stress myself things are much easy now due to I had to have a system in place to deal with the population that I deal with. I do have a page on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter. I wish that there was more time in the day to complete all that I have to do in a run of the day. I am now waiting on my Medicare to kick in for the business so that we will be able to help more of our little senior's as well try to secure more homes. So this is what goes on daily as well trying to get insurance, clothes, shoes, and funds for them if no Guardian is in place but most of the time even with a guardian the funds are not set up so therefore it will be your job to complete all of these things to make your business run smooth. I hope this help's some with questions. And for the one that asked about the hackers, I am set up with Vistaprint so I do not know what system they are using for this.


My information comes from within I started working in this field when I was 19 years old, I am now 55 years young and I do love everything about taking care of our miss-placed "Seniors"  I never knew that I was going to be doing this kind of work I have really tried to do other jobs outside of this field but some way of the other I was back to where I need to be, taking care of family and others. So I put in all of me daily to complete the task . It is just me and my husband we tried staff working but  they will not take the time to deal with the resident's they are just about the pay check. Maybe later in time we will maybe try to find real staff that really want to work and not just come and sit and annoy the resident's in their home. 

landers home

For the one's that are asking the question on how to contact the email address is as follows landershomeinc@gmail.com this way I can contact you with the answer you might be looking for.
Again I have said please check on your love ones if they are in boarding homes, nursing homes, etc... please do not wait until something happens then you are looking to take action when you could have just paid a little attention at the start. 

Landers Home

The Month of June
I was able to set up the webpage with Vista Print, and took the pictures for the webpage. I am writing for the Month of June the energy that I have to keep doing what is in my heart to help the ones that has been missed-placed by family, or friends, or whomever this is my job and I enjoy ever moment of it. I follow the guidelines in place by the State of Michigan in regards to taking care of the seniors, I have no children so they are just like my family. I was able to take care of father, brothers, aunt, uncle, and a host of others in regards to their health problems. I was able to get my father when he was 70 years old he stay with me until he was 90 years of age. I just lost him in October of 2013, I really do miss him daily, as well all of the others that I have taken care of. I really hope this helps others, please try to take care of our seniors keep them from harm.

Landers Home

Thank's to everyone that took the time to post comments on the blog, Return at a later date to see what else is going on.


Just wanted to say thank you all that has posted to the blog. The blog was set up under Vista print,  and my niece completed the rest after I wrote what was needed. If you need personal time contact landershomeinc@gmail.com.